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Territory of Latvia is mainly flatland with some moderate hills.


Latvia is rich with forests (forests account for about 56% of the territory) which are usually referenced as the “Latvian gold”.


Latvia has a lot of rivers and during springtime and summer boating is a very popular and thrilling activity between Latvians.


The most prominent river in Latvia is Daugava which flows through Latvian capital Riga.


The region Latgale is known as the Land of Blue lakes and you can find there the deepest and the most beautiful lakes in Latvia.


Latvia has a long sea border which totals for 498 km.

Weather  and climate in Latvia

Latvia have four very distinctive seasons. Latvia has cold winters and war summers. The most sunniest and warmest month is July, in contrary the February is usually the coldest. The spring in Latvia during middle of the May is very beautiful as everything blooms and you can feel refreshing scent of spring in the air.






Latvia is popular for its nightlife in its capital Riga. The clubs are good, and almost all of them the entry is free of charge and the booze is comparably cheap (Draft beer 500ml 3,50Eur; Vodka shot 40ml 4Eur) compared to the western European cities. Also there are happy hours in most of them and is popular between Latvians to go from club to club especially during the happy hours which usually are not at the same time. The clubs and bars usually work all night till the 6 am during the weekend unlike clubs in other countries which close much earlier, so you can literally party till the sun rises.


There are taxis, trains, trams, trolleybuses and buses in Latvia. For public transports in Riga you can visit official municipal website where all the hot information necessary for the tourist is explained

Places and sightseeing

There are numerous sites to visit during your stay in Latvia. Some of the best places to visit and see in Latvia would be:

The Freedom Monument

Symbolic place for Latvians, a symbol of independence

Historical Center of Riga

The historical center of Riga or as officially called – “Vecrīga” (Old Riga) is famous for its architecture and you will find there churches and catherndrals as well. During the night everything turns wild, as the majority of the pubs and clubs are located in the Old Riga.


The Jurmala (seaside) is popular for its ionized sea oxygen and oxygen of pine tree woods which have healing attributes. People come here for rehabilitation, or to enjoy the beautiful Latvian seashore.


Recreation centre in Riga. It is a great place for trying Latvian food and feel the Latvian environment as everything is decorated in Latvian manner, also a good price, and it is very popular among tourists.


Called as “Switzerland of Latvia

Gauja National Park

Rundāle Palace and Museum

Palace built in baroque architectural style

There are a lot to see during your stay in Latvia and we strongly recommend you to search out and explore what exactly suits specially for you.


Latvia is a safe country to visit. The terrorism threat is very low and the crime is low as well.


It is always wise to insure yourself against different risks when travelling abroad. However, if you are from EU, EEA (list of EEA countries) or Switzerland you can get European Health Insurance Card which  is issued free of charge and allows you to receive medical treatment for free or at a lower cost, if it is necessary during your stay in the country. For full details you have to contact the right institution in your country responsible for the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

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