Latvian Cuisine

Latvian traditional food is mainly mild without much seasoning, usually features meat. Fish is also popular because Latvia is located on the coast of the sea.

Some of the popular and traditional Latvian dishes are:


Latvian potatoes

Although potatoes were introduced from America in 19 century, you can not imagine Latvian food without them

Cottage Cheese

Latvian cottage cheese

You won’t find such diversity of cottage cheese in shops elsewhere in the world (well, except for countries in the same region). Latvian love cottage cheese. They add it to pancakes, or to different dishes, or eat it mixed with cream or event without, just cottage cheese.


Latvian Midsummer Festival Jani caraway cheese

Cheese is popular in Latvia, however one kind of cheese stands high over other, and it is the Caraway Cheese. It is one of the most important ingredients of the most celebrated Latvian traditional Midsummer festival – Jāņi.

Rye bread

Latvian Rye bread

Rye bread or as many would consider it as “black bread” is one of the most popular types of bread in Latvia. It smells wonderfully and you won’t find the same in other countries. You can find rye bread with carrots, nuts and even with dried fruits, and all these breads taste wonderfully.



Fish is a popular dish in Latvia, because Latvia has almost 500km long seacoast which is about 1/3 of the total Latvian borderline. Latvians consume diffent kind of fish, however one kind stands over others – Sprats. You can find Latvian produced product – “Smoked Latvian Riga Sprats in Oil” all over the world.
Quote from BBC:
“Often known simply as ‘Riga Sprats’ they have been produced in Latvia since the 19th Century, and they have become one of the country’s most famous brands.”



Latvian salad are decent, usually with fresh vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. However, people in Latvia enjoy Russian salad very much, and usually make it during Christmas and New Year, however Latvian salad are more preferred during summer when Latvian tomatoes and cucumbers are available in the market.



Honey is very popular among Latvians. It is used as a sweetener, added to teas and also used as a medicine as it is full of vitamins.

and of course the main thing of the Latvia cuisine


latvian beer

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