Latvian Birch Sap

If you come to Latvia in spring time, you must try Birch Sap or even Sparkling Birch Wine! It is a healthy drink that Latvians drink during Early springtime to improve their health.

Popular Drink in Latvia

Birch Sap is a very popular drink in Latvia. It contains different minerals and vitamins, and is used not only as a healthy drink, but also for cosmetic uses (washing hair, face and against freckles).

The Juice month

April, according to the Latvian calendar is known as the Juice month. During April it is the time when Birch sap can be extracted from the birch trees.


Birch sap detoxes body, strengthens immune system, improves metabolism, filters the toxins from the blood and does other good things for your health

Sparkling Birch Wine

As mentioned in the introduction it is true, there is Latvian Sparkling Birch wine.

For more information about Sparkling Birch Wine you can look here:

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