Invest in Latvia

Why Invest In Latvia?

Latvia is an European country that has developed infrastructure, stability, has adapted euro and has skilled and qualified workforce. There are opportunities to invest in real eastate, businesses, and forests or farm land. In fact, Latvia is one of the richest European countries in forest, as the forests cover 56% of Latvia’s territory.

  •  Skilled workforce (educated, multi-lingual, high productivity)
  •  Low costs (labor expenses, overhead costs, 4 free economic zones, low tax rates)
  •  Shares single European currency Euro
  •  Developed infrastructure (e.g. one of the fastest internet connections in the world links uz rakstu)
  •  Political stability (Latvia is a parliamentary republic and is a member of EU and NATO)
  •  Open market economy: EU, NATO, WIPO, WTO membership
  •  Business experience and strong ties with Russia / CIS
  •  Access to EU Structural funds for business development
  •  Close proximity to the Baltic Sea provides a perfect gateway for transportation of goods

According to Investment and Development Agency of Latvia:

The number of foreign investment projects quadrupled in 2013, creating five times as many new jobs than previous year.

Where to Invest in Latvia?

  • Real estate
  • Farm lands
  • Forests (Latvian “Green Gold”)
  • Fishing industry
  • Businesses
  • Different sectors:
    • Wood working
    • Technology
    • Food processing


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As it can be clearly seen Latvia is a hot place right now for new businesses


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