Facts about Latvia

Sport Favorite sport in Latvia is ice hockey. Most popular Latvian ice hockey team is “Rigas Dynamo” which plays in KHL. Latvian hockey fans are popular in world for their love to hockey. Time to time Latvians gather in sports arena up to 10000 to sing and to watch hockey

Life expectancy Life expectancy in Latvia is 73 years (68 years for male and 78 years female).

Society Latvia is a multiethnic society with Latvians and Russians living together.

Politics Latvia is a democratic republic. Parliament of Latvia is called ‘Saeima’.

International Organizations Latvia is a member of the European Union and NATO

Healthcare The Latvian healthcare system is a universal programme, largely funded through government taxation.

Currency Latvia has adopted Euro (€) as its national currency. Previously Latvia had Lats as its national Currency.

Minorities The largest minority in Latvia is Russian minority which makes about 30% of total population of the Latvia

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